The fourth episode of ‘Liederspiel’ premiered on our youtube channel on Saturday 12 December, 7pm British time:

Second edition of ‘Lob der Faulheit’

The third episode of ‘Liederspiel’ was premiered on our youtube channel on Saturday 21 November, 7pm British time

We looked at Clara Schumann’s setting of Heinrich Heine’s poem ‘Loreley’ Schumann, K. 5 (12), June 1843

In the last blogpost, we discussed Robert Schumann’s Orientalist amulet which, designed to herald the prophetic union of marriage to…

The second episode of ‘Liederspiel’ will be premiered on our youtube channel on Saturday 7 November, 7pm British time — tune in or watch it afterwards! Here the actual link to the premiere at 7pm British time

‘Talismane’ in the first edition of ‘Myrthen’ by Robert Schumann

Deutsche Volkslieder (Berlin, 1894)

You would be forgiven for asking yourself why we would begin our exploration of Medievalist and Orientalist elements in the Lied during the long nineteenth century with an example which is both at the outer extreme of our temporal period and makes little use of immediately recognisable Medievalist and Orientalist…

We are pleased to announce that the first episode of our fortnightly series designed to unearth Orientalist and Medievalist strains in the nineteenth-century Lied repertoire premieres this Saturday, 19:00 (GBT = 20 Uhr deutscher Zeit) on our Youtube Channel. The publication of the accompanying blogpost will immediately follow the pre-recorded stream. This week, we turn our attention to Brahms’s sumptuous Volkslied, “Schöner Augen schöne Strahlen”, published in his Deutsche Volkslieder (1894), shining light on his skilful handling and wilful manipulation of the Volkslied tradition to suit his own artistic aims.

Title Page of “Deutsche Volkslieder” (Simrock, 1894)

“Liederspiel” is an experimental channel for discussing music and literature. Anhad Arora, a doctoral student in Music, and Henrike Lähnemann, Professor of Medieval German at Oxford, explore Medievalist and Orientalist themes in Lieder, unlocking the rich musical, literary and cultural background of the medium through informal performance and conversation.

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Our “Liederspiel” is named after the Romantic parlour game of dramatic song presentations in a narrative setting which was the original setting for Wilhelm Müller’s songs on which Schubert’s song cycles “Die schöne Müllerin” and “Winterreise” are based.


An experimental channel for discussing music & literature by Anhad Arora and Henrike Lähnemann

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