Robert Schumann, ‘Talismane’ (Gottes ist der Orient)

‘Talismane’ in the first edition of ‘Myrthen’ by Robert Schumann
‘Talismane’ in the text form Robert Schumann used (e.g. “der Einzige, Gerechte” instead of “der einzige Gerechte”) with our own translation, focussing on the formulas used by Goethe.
Title page of the first edition of the Divan, 1819
Goethe’s attempt at copying Arabic script from a work by the Persian poet Saadi, 1814 (Nationale Forschungs- und Gedenkstätten der klassischen deutschen Literatur in Weimar)
Title page of volume 4 of the ‘Fundgruben
Hammer’s hope for unearthing Oriental gold
Dedication to Clara Wieck by Robert Schumann in the first issue of ‘Myrthen’ (1840)



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